Our mission is to relieve poverty by providing basic amenities including food, clothing, and shelter to needy children residing in remote First Nations communities in Northern Ontario. More simply, our current primary goal is to feed children: children who often miss meals at home, children who resort to drugs to fight hunger pains, children who don’t have an immediate caregiver to provide nourishment and support for healthy development.

We are an advocate for marginalized First Nations children.

"Feeding a Child's Mind for the Future"

Our mission to “Feed a child’s mind for the future” encompasses our vision to see a future where kids can just be kids. We envision a future where every child living in a remote community has access to a healthy breakfast to start their day. With proper nutritional support, a child’s livelihood is increased across a multitude of areas (social, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual development) which can ultimately have a lasting impact across an individual’s lifespan.

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