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Mikinakoos” means “Little Turtle” in the ojibwe language. In many First Nations stories, the earth was created on the back of the turtle, with the turtle providing stability, patience, and care to the people. One day, an Elder in the community was given tobacco, from which the Elder first dreamt of Mikinakoos, the Little Turtle.

“The Little Turtle was sick, and it was being taken care of by the community. One day, after being nurtured back to health by the members of the community, the Little Turtle was ready to be released back into nature. There was an air of excitement for the Little Turtle’s release, as the whole community gathered by the water side. The community watched as the Little Turtle was put onto a slide, and looking back, the Little Turtle smiled to the community. Mikinakoos then slid into the lake, and there was cheering for him as he surfaced in the water, ready to support himself. Mikinakoos swam through the lake, occasionally looking back towards the community, but he never ventured far away because the community had become his home. As Mikinakoos swam through the water, the back of his shell glowed yellow as the sun reflected off of it in the distance.”

–Elder, Lac Seul First Nation

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