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Warm Clothing

Warm Clothing

We believe that every child should be properly clothed in order to navigate their environments. Warm clothing in the harsh winter months and proper clothing for the wet spring months is vital to a child’s health and general ability to thrive as a young person. Through our Warm Clothing program, we regularly collect specific clothing item donations that are then packaged and delivered to the communities that we serve. Community members are able to assist us in identifying which families would most benefit from the clothing deliveries.

Baby Clothing

Given the high birth-rate within First Nations communities, baby clothes are a must-have for mothers who often have to support many children living at home. Our baby clothing donations are given out specifically to new moms.

For babies and infants we regularly collect the following items: one-piece sets, leggings, hats, socks, and blankets.

Winter Clothing

Many children are forced to face the cold winter months up north without important items to keep them warm. It is not uncommon to see children walking in deep snow with running shoes, or no coat in -30C.

We regularly collect the following clothing for children under 12: mitts, hats, socks, scarves, and coats.